Southern Council

Southern Council

Southern Council meeting is held the first Monday of each month at 7:00pm

Moe Joe’s Family Restaurant

2175 Candia Road

Manchester, NH 03104

(603) 668-0131

Hello at long last from your newly minted Manchester Council Minister!

Apologies for the delay in getting the momentum going! I expect to be communicating on a more regular basis going forward with word on all the goings-on for the BCNH Manchester Council. Mike Sweet has alerted you to a variety of club-wide events. I encourage you to join in as you are able.

For the Manchester Council, our first monthly meeting will be Monday, June 21st at Moe Joe’s Family Restaurant in Manchester, NH. 6:00 is social/dinner time. Meeting starts at 7:00pm. This is pretty much the same arrangement we had prior to the pandemic flare up. Anyone who attended the last meeting before we suspended meetings will know that the dining room has been reconfigured a bit. We did a bit of a reconnoiter last week and it looks like it will still meet our needs.


When we had dinner at Moe Joe’s last week, our server wore a mask, yet the restaurant does not require them. Nikki, the owner’s daughter, explained that servers can wear masks if requested. I did request that our servers wear masks on June 21. There are tables and booths and members will be able to pick the seating with which they are most comfortable. Folks that want or need to wear masks should be sure to sit with other folks in the same situation. As a club we will want to be respectful of everyone’s needs. Please bring your ideas for drives as we are in the midst of planning. I look forward to seeing everyone.


June 26th noon to 4:00 is the Queen’s and BCNH birthday celebration. This is a catered affair with a portion underwritten by the club leaving a $20. Per head for anyone planning to attend. For more information  contact Norma Karle asap if you plan to attend. Norma can be reached at [email protected]. Checks payable to BCNH can be mailed to Norma Karle, 35 Bennington Dr. Belmont, NH 03220. Or Norma can be reached at 603-490-6115. Or sign up online at BCNH.org, click on ‘events’ and click on ‘Queen’s birthday party’ and scroll down to make your reservations.


Finally, if you are available this Friday, June 11th the Monadnock Council is partaking in a drive starting at 1:00pm in Milford that will include several stops including two vineyards. Averill House Vineyards and Labelle Winery are… There will also be brief stops at Parker’s Maple Barn and more points of interest. If you would like more details on this, contact Bob Britton at 603-381-3158 or [email protected]. An approximate headcount is needed, so do contact Bob if you plan on attending.


Stay cool!

Dave Rogers

Southern Council Minister

Dave Rogers

David Rogers has been a BCNH member since 2010. But he and his wife Audrey did not purchase their 1963 MGB Roadster until 2013.

His interest in the MG marque started in the early 80s when an acquaintance received a Midget as a college graduation gift. For 30 years he loved the look and lines but always from afar. In 2013, after three years in the club, he himself was graduating from college (a late bloomer). It was Audrey who suggested he treat himself to the car off his dreams as a graduation present. After a bit of hunting he sealed the deal on their Old English White, MGB. Shortly after Audrey began joining him at the monthly meetings. The rest is history. “We enjoy the camaraderie of the club. Whether it be the day long drives or the multi-day getaways… Magical Mystery Tour, Speckled Hen Run… we have best time with the group and each other.” Dave is pleased to join the leadership team of the expanding BCNH car club.