Seacoast Council

Seacoast Council

Seacoast Council meeting is held the second Thursday of each month at 7:00pm

Hebert’s Restaurant

1500 Lafayette Rd (Market Basket Plaza)

Portsmouth NH 03801


Council Co-Minister

Norm Michaels

Brooklyn, NY, is no place for an MG, so upon college graduation there, Charlotte, I, and the B all moved to N.H.

The New England MG Car Club formed in southern Maine around 1987, and that year we made our first club trip to Niagara Falls for the American MGB Association convention.

Charlotte and I have since traveled extensively in the MGB. We’ve been back to Niagara Falls, around the Gaspé Bay in Quebec, to Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island a dozen times, and further to Newfoundland and the Isles de Madeleine.

The NEMGCC merged with BCNH a few years ago and I volunteered to be the prime minister of the Seacoast Council.

For the last 15 years I’ve been a partner at Brit Bits, where I’m surrounded by little British cars all day long.

After all these decades, the MG hobby and the friends we’ve made in the MG clubs, continue to be awesome.

Life is good.

Council Co-Minister

Howard Kalet

Coming Soon!

Council Secretary

Ben Morong

Ben has been a member since his previous club, the New England MG Car Club, merged with BCNH a few years ago. His first LBC was a $30 Bugeye Sprite in 1966, and he’s owned Sprites or Midgets continually ever since. His current car, a 1969 Midget, was a derelict lawn ornament when he first saw it in 1994, and soon it was his. With some patches, wiring work, and a used transmission, it was on the road and has now travelled all over New England and as far south as North Carolina (trailered).

Ben and his wife Candy enjoy club rides, shows, and other gatherings, and evening rides around the York, ME area with their two dogs. He also has a 1959 Austin A40 Farina (modified with a Midget engine, transmission, front suspension and brakes), along with a few more project cars.